from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • A combining form denoting the head, of the head, connected with the head.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • An element in compound words of Greek origin, meaning the head, referring to the head, skull, or brain. Also cephal-, before a vowel.


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  • The arms or feet (podos in Greek) of these animals are on the front of their head ( "cephalo" comes from the Greek kephale, for head).


  • The cephalo-pod's short arms writhed, working at the prey in its grasp.


  • In the cephalo-thorax of the lobster, however, this is disguised.

    On the Genesis of Species

  • (Figs. 3 and 4), beneath the cephalo-thorax; and flat processes (Fig. 2), called "swimmerets," beneath the so-called tail or abdomen.

    On the Genesis of Species

  • In the latter animal we have a six-jointed abdomen (the so-called tail), {161} in front of which is a large solid mass (the cephalo-thorax), terminated anteriorly by a jointed process (the rostrum).

    On the Genesis of Species

  • This would indicate one of the large sea turtles, and there is not much doubt that either the Loggerhead turtle (_Thalassochelys cephalo_) or the Hawksbill (_Chelone imbricata_) is here intended.

    Animal Figures in the Maya Codices

  • Brazilian species of shore-crab (Gelasimus) the female is grayish-brown, while in the male the posterior part of the cephalo-thorax is pure white, with the anterior part of a rich green.

    Darwinism (1889)

  • "Probably in some instances the poor scorpion has been burnt to death; and the well-known habit of these creatures to raise the tail over the back and recurve it so that the extremity touches the fore part of the cephalo-thorax, has led to the idea that it was stinging itself."

    The Works of Lord Byron. Vol. 3

  • They like the erotic feelings they get when watching a cybernetic octopus and an Asian octopus gently and slowly drape their clammy tentacles over each other, in a prelude to mind-blowingly hot cephalo-sex.

    Elections - fresh news by

  • I don’t know if the cephalo-yew has that same trait as the regular yews with the pollen.

    Plum Yew-Inspiration And Adaptation « Fairegarden


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