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  • n. Plural form of cercaria.


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  • These animals, called cercariae, flicked their tails madly through the water.

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  • As few as 12 trematode larvae, known as cercariae, can kill or deform a single tadpole by burrowing into their limb regions and disrupting normal leg development, he said.

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  • The cercariae emerged from the snail, promptly forming cysts on the snail.

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  • The cercariae explore the salt marsh to find their next host, the California killifish.

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  • The eggs hatch, and the flukes castrate the snail, producing a couple of generations before cercariae come swimming out of their host.

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  • The slime balls up around the cercariae, which the snail coughs up and leaves behind in the grass.

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  • When Steenstrup pulled the cercariae out of these shelters, he found that they had become flukes.

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  • They moved through the snail, feeding and rearing within them yet another generation of flukes—the missile-tailed cercariae.

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  • Steenstrup scooped up some ditch water, complete with snails and cercariae, and kept it in a warm room.

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  • The surface of the body has a variety of sensory papillae and ocelli occur in many miracidia and some cercariae stages.



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