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  • n. Plural form of cercus.

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  • n. Plural of cercus.


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  • The legs are about the same size and length and are set back underneath the body. cerci, which is a pair of appendages near the end of the abdomen.

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  • But it is not, because I found it in a sealed bag therefore, it came out of a snail shell & it has a pair of cerci that are characteristics of drilid larvae.

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  • This particular individual was ~4.5 mm long from the front of its head to the tips of the appendages cerci at the rear end.

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  • Cercopoda: jointed foot-like appendages of the last abdominal segment; also applied like cerci.

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  • Penicilli: a pair of small style or cerci-like pieces on the tip of the 8th dorsal segment of abdomen of various male Hymenoptera.

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  • Infra-cereal plates: in Orthoptera - generally inconspicuous paired plates which underlie in part the cerci and in part the lateral portion of the supra-anal plate.

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  • Anal fork: applied to the cerci of Coleopterous larvae.

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  • The young of one of our large species, a Perla for example, has well-chitinised cuticle, broad head, powerful legs, long feelers and cerci like those of the imago; its wings arise from external rudiments, which are conspicuous in the later aquatic stages.

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  • A. the base of the tail-feelers or cerci also, there are little tufts of thread-like gills as J.A. Palmén (1877) has shown.

    The Life-Story of Insects

  • One feature in which the larva often agrees with the imago is the possession on the terminal abdominal segment of a pair of long jointed cerci, and in many genera a median jointed tail-process (see fig. 9) is also present, in some cases both in the larva and the imago, in others in the larva during its later stages only.

    The Life-Story of Insects


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