from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One who ceres a corpse, or wraps it in cerecloth.


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  • Stirred by the creatures 'subconscious desires, the sor-cerer shivered in anticipation.


  • The staff could not be quenched to glean any cover from darkness, and by now the brilliance of the wards might have warned the enemy sor-cerer he was not alone in the shaft.


  • The black sor-cerer pushed forward and swore with impatience.


  • Until Tathagres 'remaining sor-cerer could be found and dispatched, Anskiere was helpless to save them; and the sorcerer certainly would be found in the worst possible location.


  • As a trespasser brought in by a sor-cerer, Jaric's very life stood in peril.


  • Certain the sor-cerer's secretive silences boded ill for Tathagres, the boy crept closer.


  • The sor - cerer gnawed his knuckles and quaked in his chamber while below him the human warriors fought, bled and died.

    The Bane of The Black Sword

  • Over most of the castle an unearthly glow hung, wax - ing and waning, defending a gibbering wretch of a sor - cerer who knew that he was doomed if once the Lords of the Flame gave way to the roaring Wind Giants.

    The Bane of The Black Sword

  • For ten thousand years me sor - cerer-emperors of Memibone had ruled this world, a race without conscience or moral creed, unneedful of reasons for their acts of conquest, seeking no excuses for their natural malicious tendencies.

    Storm Bringer

  • "I heard that a pale-faced sor - cerer with crimson eyes and a howling runesword was travelling in the North East.

    The Bane of the Black Sword


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