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  • n. Any of several cacti of the genus Cereus or closely related genera, such as a night-blooming cereus.

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  • n. Any of the genus Cereus of plants of the cactus family, natives to the Americas, from California to Chile.


New Latin Cēreus, genus name, from Latin cēreus, candle (from its shape), from cēra, wax; see cerate.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • "Cousin Jasper," he said, "didn't I tell you that the gardener wanted you to know that the night-blooming cereus is open just now?

    The Windy Hill

  • Bacillus cereus which is found in soil and dust and was probably brought into the vehicle on the shoes of car occupants and the paws of pets was on the door handles, gear stick, car mats and also under the seats.


  • Two Japanese yard-boys were trimming hibiscus, a third was engaged expertly with the long hedge of night-blooming cereus that was shortly expectant of unfolding in its mysterious night-bloom.


  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that although B. cereus is normally associated with food poisoning, other infections caused by these bacteria have been documented in patients with weak immune systems, including sepsis, meningitis, pneumonia and wound infections.

    Alcohol pads and swabs recalled due to bacteria contamination

  • All lots of alcohol prep pads, alcohol swabs, and alcohol swabsticks have been recalled by manufacturer Triad Group of Hartland, Wisc., because they may be contaminated with Bacillus cereus.

    Alcohol pads and swabs recalled due to bacteria contamination

  • Included in the populations of people at increased risk for B. cereus infection are cancer patients, intravenous drug users, or patients that have had other words, the people who are likely to use alcohol swabs.

    Alcohol pads and swabs recalled due to bacteria contamination

  • Across the lawn, at the far edge, he came upon the hedge of night-blooming cereus.


  • He had been using the spoon to repot his cereus peruvianus plant.

    Coming Back To Earth As A Dog

  • The air has a scent of sandalwood and arsenic; a night-blooming cereus blooms on a dark path.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • Still others rely on camouflage; Arizona night-blooming cereus (Peniocereus greggii) closely resembles the dry stems of the shrubs in which it grows.

    Adaptations of desert plants


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