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  • Pertaining to or resembling the genus Cerithium.
  • n. One of the Cerithiidæ.


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  • The cerithioid tridecamer comprises two typical decamers based on the canonical 400 kDa subunit, flanking a central

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  • We hypothesize that mega-hemocyanin is a key character supporting the adaptive radiation and invasive capacity of cerithioid snails.

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  • In cerithioid hemocyanin tridecamers ( "mega-hemocyanin") the collar complex of the central decamer is substantially enlarged and modified.

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  • Moreover, we introduce and describe a more complex type of hemocyanin tridecamer discovered in fresh/brackish-water cerithioid snails

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  • The "typical" KLH2 tridecamer is partially hollow, whereas the cerithioid tridecamer is almost completely filled with material; it was therefore termed "mega-hemocyanin".

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  • The preliminary oxygen binding curves indicate that there are species-specific functional differences in the cerithioid mega-hemocyanins which might reflect different physiological tolerances of these gill-breathing animals.

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