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  • By taking his stand upon the Bible and preaching thence, the preacher utters the prayer, and expresses the faith, that the thin, shallow trickle of his own words will be taken up into the living Word of him, con­cerning whom it was said that his voice was "as the sound of many waters."

    The Bible and preaching

  • Understanding the hold that belief lays upon the undis-cerning is the first step.

    Alector's Choice

  • Anna was breathing, but so lightly that Secca had trouble dis-cerning that.

    The Shadow Sorceress

  • For more than forty days I had been away, and if she had supposed at first that I was on a journey with my cousin, she had soon begun to hear fearful stories con - cerning John.

    The Gospel according to the Son

  • She had to know more con-cerning the Stormwarden's fate.


  • Waylander lapsed into silence, remembering Hewla's words about the red-headed woman and Orien's enigmatic warning con-cerning companions.


  • So they brought the Demon to the room of learn - ing, and there Liliha started the tape readers, those records which had given them the information con - cerning the last days of the Demons.

    Breed to Come

  • Plato gathered myths and beliefs con - cerning Fate, and reshaped them in a certain order which was to be adhered to closely by subsequent thinkers.


  • Two works of Augustine were central in establishing the tradition of Western thought con - cerning the nature and dignity of man as a consequence of the character of his creation in the “image” of God.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • Because of its cyclical element revo - lution fitted the skepticism of the philosophes con - cerning the strength and power of men.



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