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  • adv. In a certifiable manner.
  • adv. insanely


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certifiable +‎ -ly


  • Saturday Night Live spoofs the CNN Democratic Debate, starring Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and the adoring 24/7 Obama Cheerleaders, aka the certifiably insane media. . .

    SNL Spoofs Media Bias for Obama in CNN Debate Skit (Video)

  • The experiment reported on Wednesday solves both dilemmas by providing what its authors call a certifiably random string of numbers, all generated in privacy.

    Zee News : India National

  • He's certainly not the first pop star to be ridiculed or rebuked for publicly practicing his beliefs: George Harrison became synonymous with Hare Krishna jokes in the '70s, Prince was later characterized as certifiably insane for becoming a Jehovah's Witness and the Jonas Brothers are demeaned about every 10 minutes for their conservative Christian beliefs (not to mention their annoying, breathy voices and bad haircuts).

    Expecting Rain

  • So you can join the club and am sure there are lots of others in it who are certifiably SCREWY because I have a metal plate and three metal screws holding me together.

    DAY 1: Trip Cancelled

  • If beets could talk, and in my life they do, most of what is happening in Washington right now regarding food safety sounds certifiably nuts.

    Leslie Goldman: Chewing On Food Safety: A National Conversation is Needed

  • Until we have a credible and convincing plan, it seems we'll have an economy that is neither certifiably dead nor robustly alive.

    The Anemic Recovery Continues

  • Mustafa's owners replaced red meat with vegetables and chicken, designed a fantastic website and somehow created a certifiably international buzz.

    Kreuzberg Bellyaches Over Kebab Tourism

  • David S. Penick , vice president of development for Hines Interest, the lead developer on the project, said Mr. Ford was chosen because his nature aesthetic complemented the building's certifiably green footprint.

    Glassy Condo for $18.95 Million

  • Anyone who brings them up in their posts are blind followers of Rush (can't get enough Oxycontin) Limpbaugh and Sean (certifiably crazy) Hannity.

    NRA flips, endorses McDonnell over Deeds

  • Then there were my dad's songwriting collaborations with the certifiably zany Bob Hilliard, one of which began, "I left the one I love on one of the Thousand Islands, but unfortunately I can't remember which one."

    Michael Sigman: Hello, the Marx Brothers Must Be Coming


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