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  • n. Plural form of cervical.


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  • Instead, Matt observed that the S. cervicals are proportionally narrower than those of B., and so inferred that its neck may have been disproportionally long compared with its trunk and tail, just as the neck of Diplodocus is disproportionately long compared with that of Apatosaurus.

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  • Incidentally, most of the cervical vertebrae in jerboas are fused together as well, and in some dwarf jerboas the first three dorsal vertebrae are also fused together, and to the fused cervicals.

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  • The seven cervicals support the head and allow for neck mobility.

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  • The first three thoracic vertebrae and a remnant of the fourth (T1-T4) are preserved in articulation posterior to the cervicals.

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  • The vertebral formula (cervicals, thoracics, lumbars, sacrals, caudals) is 7C-13T-6L-4S-21Ca for a total of 51 vertebrae, which differs by only two caudal vertebrae from the formula found in some primitive artiodactyls

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  • The vertebral column, preserved in articulation, has 7 cervicals, 13 thoracics, 6 lumbars, 4 sacrals, and 21 caudals.

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  • For example, when Matt Wedel estimated the length of Sauroposeidon based only on an articulated sequence of four cervicals (free PDFs here and here, the obvious thing to do would just have been to compare the length of the S. cervicals with the corresponding elements of the closely related Brachiosaurus brancai, and scale up the total length of B. brancai accordingly.

    Biggest…. sauropod…. ever (part…. I)


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