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  • n. Plural form of cesspool.


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  • You think you're morally righteous, that these "cesspools" are "obviously" evil, and that the city has a right to eliminate them for the good of society, yet you are blind to the over-riding political issue.

    Sound Politics: Why Is Seattle Such a Wuss About Strip Clubs?

  • Since Huckabee's campaign ended, Jerry Jenkins has been seen discussing whether Barack Obama is the Antichrist or merely a pre-cursor to the Antichrist; Star Parker has been heard declaring that public schools are "cesspools" designed to indoctrinate students with


  • When all of our great educational reformers, those beacons of light in the cesspools known as public schools, have learned that the only way students can learn is for each teacher to follow the same script word for word, how can we tolerate these so-called educators who believe they have to abandon the script and try something new when the script is not working with the majority of our students?

    Randy Turner: The Time for Term Limits for Teachers Is Now

  • To see moral grandeur rising out of cesspools of iniquity; to rise himself and first glimpse beauty, faint and far, through mud - dripping eyes; to see out of weakness, and frailty, and viciousness, and all abysmal brutishness, arising strength, and truth, and high spiritual endowment —

    Chapter 14

  • For whatever reason, King isn't really concerned that prisons are cesspools of rape, violence, racism and gang activity that shelter individuals already predisposed to crime and otherwise anti-social behavior, multiply those tendencies and spit them back out into society, making honest-to-God threats to the homeland.

    HUFFPOST HILL - White House Says We're Not At War, Just Sending Armed People To Places

  • Not far from the beautiful beaches, hip suburbs and great cuisine that saw it recently named the world's top tourist destination by one website, women in Khayelitsha could be seen last week drawing water from a communal tap near cesspools strewn with rubbish.

    Desmond Tutu's dreams for Cape Town fade as informal apartheid grips the city

  • “All the toilets and cesspools are flooded, of course,” Paul noted dolefully, “and the amenities of life are impossible to preserve.”

    A Covert Affair

  • Our prisons are cesspools that reform few, because of the abuses allowed to occur there.

    Video Report: Brit Boys Stamp Baby Deer To Death

  • (Although CNN and the like are comment cesspools, the same kind of thing goes on at smaller blogs as well.)

    An explicit statement of the prescriptivist philosophy « Motivated Grammar

  • Both amateur and real shock-jocks circle in the cesspools of human foibles like sharks.

    Rev. Barbara Kaufmann: Bullying: Not Just for Playgrounds Anymore


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