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  • n. A genus of lamellicorn beetles, referred to the Scarabæidæ, and made type of a subfamily Cetoniinæ, or furnishing the name of a distinct family Cetoniidæ. C. aurata is the rose-beetle or rose-chafer.

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  • n. a genus of Cetoniidae


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  • I kill the cetonias because they are the deadliest foes of the rose; or, rather, as they love the rose, and in loving destroy the flower, I must call the cetonia the most dangerous friend of the rose. "

    Dr. Dumany's Wife

  • "Do you know that the cetonia contains poison?" asked I. "What kind of poison?" was the inquiring response, given with great quickness.

    Dr. Dumany's Wife

  • The cetonia beetle is the deadliest foe of the rose, destroying it entirely, and since my boyhood, when I used to practise gardening at home, and was taught to kill a cetonia wherever I found it, I could not bear the sight of the glittering, green beetle.

    Dr. Dumany's Wife

  • "For instance, to believe that the rose was created by God and the cetonia by the Devil," I replied, smilingly.

    Dr. Dumany's Wife

  • All these were carefully arranged and pasted upon the teak board in a wonderful mosaic, the sun-bird's head and wings consisting of red, its neck of blue, and its breast of green cetonia-wings.

    Dr. Dumany's Wife

  • Among the C9leopetra, or beetle kind, was an admirable cetonia, claffed by me under the defignation orpheus, on account of a golden lyre moft diftindtly marked on the middle of its back j the colour of the back is an emerald green.

    Voyages and TRavels in All Parts of the World

  • "No. Because the cetonia lives on roses; and of the holy scarabæus

    Dr. Dumany's Wife


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