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  • n. the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things; in traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body is believed to be essential for good health


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  • Chinese family that their neighbors objected to their removing a tree whose proximity to the front door blocked the good energy, or ch'i, from entering and circulating throughout the house.

    Denise Hamilton discusses Sugar Skull

  • Spelled qi (pronounced 'chee') in pinyin Chinese (otherwise ch'i), it is the root currency of Traditional Chinese Medicine, that energy that TCM practitioners manipulate to fight disease and assure health.

    Arthur Rosenfeld: What Is Qi?

  • "The radiant heat produced by moxibustion," my therapist said, "penetrates deeply into the body to strengthen the blood, and restore the balance and flow of vital energy or life force called qi or ch'i."

    Hollye Harrington Jacobs: Exploring the World of Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments

  • The concept of qì or ch'i, the inner energy or "life force" that is said to animate living beings, is encountered in almost all styles of Chinese martial arts.

    The Transformative Powers of Kung Fu

  • The five-element theory in Chinese medical practice along with other important principles of healing can guide the acupuncturist to finding the significant acupuncture points on the body that will balance the ch'i, thereby increasing or restoring its quantity and/or quality and augmenting the healing process.

    Dana Ullman: Energy Medicine: Futuristic Healing With Ancient Roots

  • Acupuncturists use their needles to help move the ch'i from areas where there is much to areas that are under-nourished, creating more balance and health.

    Dana Ullman: Energy Medicine: Futuristic Healing With Ancient Roots

  • Even today, despite the preponderance of evidence unavailable to Newton that life is a purely material phenomenon, people still speak of immaterial, vital forces such a ch'i, ki, prana, and psychic energy that have no scientific basis.

    Victor Stenger: The Myth of Quantum Consciousness

  • That, too, needed to flow; thus it's aligned with the moon and the little guy, unobtrusive and allowing the ch'i to flow.

    Update on Brianna

  • It is important that he be small, because part of the point is that the Force, I mean, the ch'i, flows between you and me and the landscape and the moon - things are in balance.

    Update on Brianna

  • Rocks without ch'i are dead rocks, as bones without the same vivifying spirit are dry bare bones.

    Learning to draw rocks and mountains


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