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  • n. Plural form of chador.


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  • So many of my liberal, agnostic women friends from college gradually relinquished their freedoms and decided to spend the rest of their lives in chadors, avoiding the gaze of man.

    Cheap Laughs

  • If this was being intoned on-air by Jon Stewart, the cue for massive studio-audience laughter would have been activated at the word chadors, allowing him to beam modestly and likably through the mildly suggestive last four words.

    Cheap Laughs

  • Women in long black robes, known as chadors, wore Iranian flags tied around their necks or underneath their head covering.


  • Later, as we hunted for ajraks and other memorabilia, I was a little overwhelmed by the posters and pictures of BB being sold along with the spiritual souveniours such as chadors, tabrauk and roses for the shrine.

    Pak Tea House

  • Taken together, the two women exemplify a rare passage through historic homosocial barriers, n both cases the chadors and screens of hijab that keep fundamentalist Muslim women and men apart at the same time that they keep steeply Islamic societies from being understood by the modern, secular world.

    G. Roger Denson: XX Chromosocial: Women Artists Cross The Homosocial Divide

  • But in the video, the female terrorists appeared shrouded in black chadors, in front of a banner with the Arabic words “Allahu Akbar” God is great.

    The Return

  • Do you think Americans will be surprised to see these strong-willed women living underneath their chadors?

    Anita Amirrezvani - An interview with author

  • A simple glance at the crowds over the past week reveals women in black chadors on both sides of the divide, and women in makeup too.

    Iran Election Live-Blogging (Wednesday June 17)

  • And all Shiite girls were thought to wear dour black chadors.

    Sex and the Shiite

  • Amidst the rising heat, rotating ceiling fans wreaked havoc with the hems of the black chadors of the women standing in one line, alongside which men with visibly damp armpits formed a separate queue.

    Telmah Parsa: Inside Tehran: Practicing Democracy, Iran Style


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