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  • n. Plural form of chaetognath.


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  • There are only 80 species of euphausiids, 50 of chaetognaths, about 40 of pteropods and less than 2000 for the most diverse group, the calanoid copepods.

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  • Barcoding analysis was highly successful at discriminating described species of chaetognaths across the phylum, and revealed little geographical structure.

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  • To better understand how these complex evolutionary and geographic variables are reflected in the species makeup of chaetognaths, we analyze DNA barcodes of the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase c subunit I (COI) gene, from 52 specimens of

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  • Five zooplankton groups account for over 99 percent of the biomass: copepods (Neocalanus cristatus, N. plumchrus, N. flemingeri), euphausiids (Euphausia pacifica, Thysanoessa longipes), chaetognaths (Sagitta elegans), amphipods (Themisto japonica, Primno macropa, Cyphocaris challengeri), and mysids (Meterythrops microphathalma).

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