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  • I maintain that a healthy ability to chainsmoke is the best networking technique in this business.


  • You spent your childhood in nubby pajamas, eating Velveeta straight from the pot, avoiding chainsmoke, so I just nodded and said Jesus and tried not to let on that half a million for a beautiful home within walking distance to a city was actually kind of reasonable.

    A Bridge Is A Stupid Fucking Place To Take A Girl

  • Well, according to the results of this year's AskMen survey, men like really outspoken women who chainsmoke and actually seem like they'd be quite annoying if you ever met them.

    Katherine Heigl Sadly Still Not Being Killed

  • And now I just need to get out of here, away from my roomie and cry and chainsmoke and go to sleep.

    elephants Diary Entry

  • "Excuse me, while I go chainsmoke and/or feel like a coward." -- Top News

  • Orally fixated people tend to foot a thirty five dollar bill while at Applebee's and chainsmoke.

    Epinions Recent Content for Home

  • But Edward Galligan, ohmyfreakingod. he made me insane, thought i wasn't even going to graduate. he was like a cross between boris karloff and abe vigoda, wearing a dark suit and carrying a briefcase which i don't think he even opened, and he would just chainsmoke and go off on these bizarre, long winded meandering lectures on aristotle and plato and the meaning of life like he was taking you on some strange absynthe trip. and then after hearing this and making zero sense of it i'd have to go try to read the nichomachean ethics without slitting my wrists and write a 20 page paper on it. my paper would be totally wrong, and would come back littered with nasty notes such as "put your spitballs back in your bag". in retrospect it's really pretty funny, but at the time i literally hid in the bushes when i saw him coming. ok, that is all, good luck with the show.

    breaker one-nine

  • I used to read a copious amount of books, read books the way some people chainsmoke, beginning a new one even before I’d finished the previous one, letting the last few pages of one blur into the first few of the next.

    Everything Old is New Again (for better or for worse. Usually worse)

  • (And I am talking about learning more than just how to chainsmoke as fast as possible and how to light your cigarette off of another person's lit cigarette.

    Jenn Satterwhite: Fearless in the Face of Addiction


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