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  • n. Any of various minute wasps of the superfamily Chalcidoidea, many of whose larvae parasitize the larvae of other insects.

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  • n. Any of many small wasps, of the superfamily Chalcidoidea, having parasitic larvae

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  • n. Same as chalcidian and chalcidian.

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  • n. any of various tiny insects whose larvae are parasites on eggs and larvae of other insects; many are beneficial in destroying injurious insects


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From New Latin Chalcis, type genus, from Greek khalkos, copper (from the wasp's metallic color).


  • In northern Australia. predation by various insect pests, such as chalcid wasps, may cause considerable seed destruction.

    Chapter 48

  • About a fifth of the infested seedpods also contained the larvae of a small chalcid wasp, Spintherus leguminium, parasitic on the hapless weevils.


  • Notable reptiles include the chalcid skink (Chalcides ocellatus), gray monitor (Varanus griseus), snakes (Oligodon taeniolatus, Lycodon striatus, Coluber spinalis), and the Central Asian cobra (Naja oxiana).

    Alai-Western Tian Shan steppe

  • When infestations of scale insects in orchards are fought with DDT and dieldrin, chalcid and braconid wasps that parasitize scales are destroyed, and population outbreaks of scale result. 26 Another problem with synthetic chemical controls is that some can take a very long time to break down, remaining toxic for many years.

    5. How plants live and grow

  • Many guests were plodding along with the ants, mostly staphylinids of which we secured five species, a brown histerid beetle, a tiny chalcid, and several Phorid flies, one of which was winged.

    Edge of the Jungle

  • Temperature treatment of Douglas Fir seeds to control the seed chalcid Megastigmus spermotrophus Wachtl



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