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  • n. A light cord rubbed with chalk and stretched over a surface to mark a straight line.
  • n. A vulgar name of the small green heron of the United States, Butorides virescens: so called in allusion to the white excrement voided when the bird starts to fly.


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  • Same job, different age group, same chalk-line, same wardrobe.

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • And who wants to spend a million dollars on a pair of beautiful pants that will just have a chalk-line across the butt by lunchtime?

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • While a Voguer could be hurt with a heavy enough shoe, you could chalk-line a bitch with a prayer brick.

    STRIKE A POSE by Donnàrd Ricardo Sturgis | Fiction | Futurismic

  • He remembered that if you drew a chalk-line to the beak of a hen, the hen thought it was tied up.

    The Silver Spoon

  • He wished somebody would draw a chalk-line to his beak.

    The Silver Spoon

  • A black sword appeared in its hand and it rushed at the slender chalk-line.

    Last Sword Of Power

  • That phrase relative to walking a chalk-line is weak and inadequate, after a man has tried to work his way along a peeled hemlock.

    Then I'll Come Back to You

  • But the ball lay beyond the fateful chalk-line, the Yale touchdown was won, and the game was tied.

    Short Stories for English Courses

  • Then with that exaggerated straightening of back and stiffening of knee adopted by one who tries to walk a floor-crack or chalk-line, the second man approached me.

    Stage Confidences

  • I saw now that there was a chalk-line, as true as the needle, from somewhere above us in the darkness, drawn along the skin of the hold perpendicular to the keelson, and that the man from Boston had begun to cut at the bilge where the line crossed it.

    The Mutineers


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