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  • adj. Having characteristics of chalk


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  • They were in his pickup truck, and the undulating countryside was speeding by rapidly, the chalklike hills layered with sedimentary rock where the highway cut through them, the sun a dust-veiled orange wafer by late afternoon.

    Rain Gods

  • To us, an outstanding sparkler isn't just wine with bubbles, but a wine in which the bubbles themselves are integral to the taste, just one aspect of a wine that is both celebratory and sometimes cerebral, with a sense of place that comes from ripe fruit and almost chalklike minerality.

    The Best of the Bubblies

  • I dug at the hole with my fingernail and another long chalklike piece fell out.

    The Merlot Murders

  • Milky-white food slurry exploded in all directions, showering the recovery team with thick white fluid that dried quickly to a chalklike consistency.

    Lost And Found

  • Earth and small chalklike rocks break free, collapsing under my fingers.

    Old Magic

  • After a brisk shower with clear glycerin soap and a glass-bottled “Watkins Mulsified Coconut Oil Shampoo,” then brushing her teeth with a chalklike toothpaste called Orphos “The Correct Toothpaste—At Last” assured the metal tube, Liz stepped into the clothes Hazel had left.

    Rhapsody In Time

  • The novice picked up a chalklike fragment of stone.

    A Canticle for Leibowitz

  • Shann took up the piece of soft chalklike stone he had found and drew another short white mark on the rust-red of a boulder well above tide level.

    Storm Over Warlock

  • An opening from eight to as much as twenty feet long by eight high and four to six feet deep was cut into the chalklike rock of the cliff, in the back of this large opening, which formed what might be described as the front veranda of the home, was an opening about three feet wide and six feet high, evidently forming the doorway to the interior apartment or apartments.

    Tarzan the Terrible

  • As Tarzan neared the city his interest became centered upon the architecture of the outlying buildings which were hewn from the chalklike limestone of what had once been a group of low hills, similar to the many grass-covered hillocks that dotted the valley in every direction.

    Tarzan the Terrible


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