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  • adverb In a changeless manner.


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changeless +‎ -ly


  • For, as it sees the matter, species (natural kinds) are also children of time, not changelessly present but ever-changingly emergent under the aegis of evolutionary principles.

    Process Philosophy

  • Imagine God existing changelessly alone without creation, with a changeless and eternal determination to create a temporal world.


  • Smiling as changelessly as an ivory figurine she sat quiescent, avoiding thought, glancing about the living-room and hall, noting their betrayal of unimaginative commercial prosperity.

    Main Street

  • The brown wall of cloud from the hills was now very near, rushing changelessly upon us with a loud grinding sound.

    Seven Pillars of Wisdom

  • For he could be changelessly aware of events outside himself


  • Overhead, the banners of the rings flew changelessly, ~s though they too had seen nothing-or perhaps, as though in the last six billion years they had seen everything, siftings upon siffings in oblivion, until nothing remained but the banners of their own mirrored beauty.


  • We know it as a Life changelessly motionless and ever holding the Universal content [time, space, and phenomena] in actual presence; not this now and now that other, but always all; not existing now in one mode and now in another, but a consummation without part or interval.

    The Six Enneads.

  • In the one case, if the Pope had once defined a dogma, it was changeless; in the other, if the Bible had once formulated a pre-scientific cosmology, or used demoniacal possession as an explanation of disease, or personified evil in a devil, all such mental categories were changelessly to be received.

    Christianity and Progress

  • And thus it is in life, each passing moment flowing on with all its changes beside the stern, hard, enduring monument of the irrevocable past on which what is written is changelessly written.

    Roman Mosaics Or, Studies in Rome and Its Neighbourhood

  • As we sat in the little omnibus that carried us from the station to the town, with my precious boxes safely stored on the roof, we passed between grey fields whose featureless expanses melted changelessly into the grey sky overhead.

    The Ghost Ship


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