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  • n. A set of changes, as in source control.


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change +‎ set


  • This cannot be used to uncommit older changesets, or to recall a changeset you've shared with others.

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  • These commands work the same as in Subversion. "hg status" shows which files have uncommitted changes. "hg commit" commits the changes to the local repository and creates a new revision (called a changeset).

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  • · Supports all major Trac views and "changeset:" notation.

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  • Mercurial calls a revision a "changeset"; i.e., the delta of all the changes in all files between that revision and the previous one (its parent).

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  • The right tool should also group individual file changes into a 'changeset', making it easier to see and understand what has changed, and why, compared with the traditional approach of separate file changes.

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  • Also i think this changeset address this possible security bug, or m i wrong?

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  • There is a Changelog available on the Codex which gives some highlights, a full list of submitted bugfixes on the mosquito bug tracker, and even more pedantic changeset details in the repository.

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  • If you want to retrieve a specific changeset from version control for a specific TPC, then you must first connect to the desired TPC.

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  • First is that if you specify a starting range for a baseless merge, we will now use that changeset as the base in the three-way content merge.

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  • This can be accomplished by using the "get by label" command, rather than a "get latest" or "get changeset".

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