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  • n. Plural form of chanty.


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  • The motion of the boat, the wind in the sails, the "chanties" of the sailors as they went about their work, and the evident content and happiness around him made Harry laugh and sing and toss away his cap and let the fresh salt wind blow on his hot brain in which he fancied the clack and clamor of the looms still lingered.

    The Measure of a Man

  • By this time the singing stage was reached, and I joined Scotty and the harpooner in snatches of sea songs and chanties.

    Chapter 6

  • But we ain't heard nothin' yet: One highlight of Tuesday's performance at Sofia's was "Salty," a nautical-but-nice medley of old-time sea chanties set in a snappy foxtrot circa 1926.

    Vince Giordano and the Underground Nighthawk Boogie

  • As written, and as played by Shaw -- who shows, in comparison to his crisp Soviet assassin who is nearly a match for Sean Connery's Bond in From Russia With Love, that 12 years is ample time to go to seed -- Quint is far too prone to "colorful" sea chanties and eccentric half-witticisms.

    William Bradley: Shift Change: The 35th Anniversary of Jaws and Shampoo Marks the Transition From New Hollywood to Blockbuster

  • The requisite grizzled old salt, Mr. Stubb, pipe clenched between his teeth, was sung by Robert Orth, who succeeded in making his character a beloved comic figure in short order and led the local-color-providing sea-chanties (the chorus was also very strong).

    Moby-Dick premieres in Dallas

  • According to the pirate legend, after months at sea, pillaging and singing sea chanties, the marauders had to stop in at a pirate-friendly settlement to unload their looted cargo, load up on supplies, and visit the local taverns and brothels.

    Loaded Guns, Barrels of Rum, and a Silk Ribbon

  • Waves slosh through all of his books, whose titles sound like the names of sea chanties: “Sea of Glory,” “Away Off Shore,” “Second Wind,” and “In the Heart of the Sea,” the winner of the 2000 National Book Award for nonfiction.


  • Sea and river chanties of the early 1800s such as Shenandoah were adapted and used by settlers migratng west.

    Rise of the Popular Song

  • Mr. Barker played the squeeze box and sang sea chanties.

    A Grave Denied

  • “Galley-rat sea.” she went on, knowing several verses, it appeared, each worse than the last in the usual tradition of sea chanties and determined to sing all of them.

    LADY of SKYE


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