from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. same as hanukka; -- a variant spelling.


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  • The YIVO system is a good one; its value is to be unambiguous in English and in French — as in, “kh” means only one sound, “tsh” can only mean one sound, and “ch” is dropped exactly because it means something different in English (tsch as in both chimney and chanuka) and French (sh as in chat), and so forth.

    Can You Spell C-A-T? | Jewschool

  • Spedtest. net හාSpeedtest. com බඳුයෙදුම්නොසපයන ආකාරයේ තොරතුරුසපයන්නකි. chanuka (ඇට්) hotmail. com


  • Quit with the PC crap it is not needed in this town. when someone says happy holidays i say "which holiday are you referring to"? christmas or new years? since i am not wearing a yamika and chanuka is a minor jewish holiday i'd assume you mean christmas or new years?

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