from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Same as chaparejos.
  • The place of worship of an ancient division of a parish, attached to it by custom or repute.


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  • An experienced eye would inevitably have seen the appropriateness of flannel shirt, gay silk neck-handkerchief, boots, spurs, and _chaparreras_.

    The Branding Iron

  • Then, as the day for the introduction of the bill for appropriation draws nigh, up from the San Saba country rides Lonny Briscoe and a loyal lobby of cowpunchers, bronco-back, to boost the cause of art and glorify the name of friendship, for Lonny is one of them, a knight of stirrup and chaparreras, as handy with the lariat and .45 as he is with brush and palette.

    Roads of Destiny

  • They had conceded their leather chaparreras and transferred their six-shooters and belts from their persons to the horns of their saddles.

    Roads of Destiny

  • Ross Hargis busted him one swipe with his chaparreras, and what do you reckon the poor child did?

    Heart of the West [Annotated]

  • I could have a man stabbed with a lariat or chased by a pair of chaparreras if I wanted to, and it wouldn't be noticed until the usual error-sharp from around McAdams Junction isolates the erratum and writes in to the papers about it.

    The Voice of the City: Further Stories of the Four Million

  • Another interesting word that American cowhands have taken from their Mexican predecessors, along with the thing itself, is chaps, typically truncated from the Mexican chaparreras, the word for protective leather leggings worn mainly by cowboys on horseback in thorny brush.

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XVIII No 4

  • Since cattle ranching is common to both sides of the border, it should come as no surprise that there has been an exchange of ranch-related words: lariat from la reata; bronco; lasso from lazo; rodeo; chaps from chaparreras; charro; hackamore from jáquima; mustang from mestengo; and quirt from cuerda or cuarta.

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XV No 2


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