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  • n. Plural form of chappess.


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  • And that dear chaps and chappesses is a 100% true story. on October 24, 2008 at 6: 55 pm | Reply were doomed

    No So Violent Crime « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • The problem with stereotypes is that some suit cladded chappies or chappesses have declared sterotyping illegal I think, under the RRA.

    Be Nice…… Damn You! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • We've got some very talented chaps and chappesses at

    British Blogs

  • The chaps and chappesses we met today seemed like genuine geeks, recognising the tech publications they were chatting to.

    Crave at CNET UK

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg (wiki) explaining how he, and indeed all the other wingnut New Tory PPCs are indeed ordinary chaps and chappesses, representative of the cream of the cranks broad population of our country, unlike Cameron's Eh? List.

    Labour of Love

  • If you can come up with an answer then I’m sure that all the chaps and chappesses out there would love to hear it. on November 3, 2008 at 8: 15 pm | Reply Anon

    A New Pair Of Brown Trousers Please « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • 'standard model' and the 'big-bang' are wishful figments of human imagining; and all those frightfully clever chaps and chappesses at CERN are going to be scratching their primate heads and revising their exorbitant budgets for a long long time to come.



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