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  • n. Plural form of charm.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of charm.


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  • He delighted in the Rag, and there spent the most of his time; happily, she delighted in what she called the charms of society, and as society expanded itself before her, she was also, we must suppose, happy.

    The Three Clerks

  • The only one immune to her charms is young Seki Gohonmatsu, a Neanderthal-like perpetually-drunken sailor whose only goal is to drink all the liquor in the world, a crass parallel to Zephyrus 'schemes to swallow the Earth with her revenge.

    Straight for the Art: ‘Swallowing the Earth’ | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

  • One of Oaxaca City´s great charms is its chaotic earthiness not is English library or surfeit of expats and NOB tourists nursing beers on the zocalo and thrilling to the crunchiness of fried grasshoppers.

    36 hours in Oaxaca (NYTimes)

  • Among her numberless charms is a complete absence of guile, combined with an absolutely penetrating acuity that often reveals more than she quite realizes.

    One Fraught Englishman

  • Of course, since these are not on display in the street as one passes by, noticing other charms is sometimes unavoidable.


  • Perhaps one of the Rome's secret charms is that she reconciles the imagination to the long sleep of the dead.

    Selections from _Corinne_

  • As to many ladies, the question is whether they excel most in charms of mind or person.

    Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan

  • Extremely superstitious, with certain charms about their persons, such as the skins of birds, small animals, or other trifles, in the efficacy of which they place great reliance, they charge fearlessly upon their enemies, under the entire conviction that these their medicines ward off every danger, and completely shield them from harm.

    Life in the Rocky Mountains

  • Dragging your finger from the right edge of the screen toward the middle reveals five hidden icons or what are called "charms" that represent search, share, devices, settings and a button to return you to Start.

    Default- News -

  • Karan Thapar in Chinese charms (Sunday Sentiments, April 11) rightly said that communist China has marched far ahead of democratic India.

    Hindustan Times News Feeds 'Views'


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