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  • n. The blend of informal language, conventional abbreviations and emoticons typical of chatrooms.


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chat +‎ -speak


  • In fact, a study recently published in the journal Reading and Writing, proposed and designed by a group of third-year psychology students led by study author Connie Varnhagen, found that using the “language variations” of chatspeak is actually good for kids.

    The benefits of chatspeak

  • A group of third-year psychology students proposed and designed a study to test whether new Simple Messaging Service, or SMS, language-also known as chatspeak-which refers to the abbreviations and slang commonly used when texting, emailing or chatting online, had an influence on students 'spelling habits.

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  • Those findings, recently published in the journal Reading and Writing, suggest that parental worries that kids who use "chatspeak" will become bad spellers or never learn how to write well are unfounded. - News Articles

  • They found girls use more chatspeak than boys; boys preferred to “express themselves through repeated use of punctuation”!!!!!!

    The benefits of chatspeak

  • Boys who used chatspeak and abbreviations more frequently were poorer spellers, but girls who used more abbreviations were better spellers than their non-abbreviating ohorts.

    The benefits of chatspeak

  • The researchers suggest that in the wake of their study, perhaps teachers should be more open to letting kids use chatspeak in the classroom, perhaps even letting them “create instant messages with ideas, maybe allow them opportunities to use more of this new dialect in brief reports or fun activities,” Varnhagen says.

    The benefits of chatspeak

  • Instead, they discovered that good regular spellers were also good instant messaging spellers — while kids who were poor spellers in class were also poor spellers in chatspeak.

    The benefits of chatspeak

  • Did anyone else realize that the guy's name is basically chatspeak for 'I am a fanboy'?

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  • Without the 'Net, we'd have a higher standard of communication (i.e. no chatspeak, or leet-speak, or lol-speak), and we'd not be regressing to the level of second graders, who want to be first in line.

    First For What?

  • OK, #16 is now officially “Do not use chatspeak or shortcuts when writing e-mails to potential clients.”

    E-mail marketing tips « Musings from an overworked translator


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