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  • adj. prone to cheating.


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cheat +‎ -y


  • Just enter "cheaty" in the invitation code, and you've been invited.

    Cheaty Monkey

  • Along the way, they will lie, cheaty and steal at the behest of enhanced shareholder value, their sole creed.

    Matthew Yglesias » School Competition

  • The best one is definitely the guy who scans the label off a Coke bottle, replaces the nutritional information with cheaty stuff, prints it, and glues it around a bottle (presumes that your teacher lets you bring Coke into class -- I suppose this works best in schools where Coke has struck a deal requiring their products to be available at all times and in all places.)

    Boing Boing

  • Do you think there would have been any elections (other than some cheaty ones where Saddam got 99.98%) but for the invasion?

    Waldo Jaquith - Goode: MUSLIMS WILL GET TEH WHITE HOUSE!!!1111ELEVEN!!!!1

  • There were a few of you that got one answer correct, then decided to play * cheaty cheaty* and steal your answers from someone else's comment.

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • Another cheaty somebody-else's-recipe day: Cromagnon cooked me this made with Gorgonzola.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • That said, the novel is a little more concerned with the relationship between Locke and Jean than it needs to be -- dialing things down to the Leiber level may never happen, but for example, Patrick O'Brian speaking of oceans managed to crank out a nice long series featuring two realistic characters without banging them off each other's psyches every five chapters -- and the prologue is just a big cheaty cheaterson.

    Kenneth Hite's Journal

  • For a bit of cheaty stuff you could use a layer mask and then with the brush settings at 25% opacity and 25% Fill bring out some nice pattern work/tattoo/texture placed on the layer underneath the image of the fig.

    MINI WARGAMING: The Revenge Of Scurv!

  • And when I say dubious, I mean definitely cheaty-dive dubious.

    Come on The Mothers*

  • Someone had to have broken the rules in some even more ridiculous, yet non-cheaty fashion.

    My Hair As Performance Art


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