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  • v. To check and then call a bet by another player in the same betting round.
  • n. A call made by a player who checked previously in the same betting round.


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  • And it's pretty obvious to everyone else at the table from your check-call betting that that is the hand you are on.

    Online gambling is for suckers

  • K ♣ river brought another check-call this time deannadd was all in holding

    PokerStars Poker Blog

  • Lind would check-call Gunslinger's bet on fourth, then lead the betting on subsequent streets until Lind ran out of chips on seventh.

    PokerStars Poker Blog

  • I just don't know what I'd do on the river if I check-call the turn.

    High On Poker

  • The river was a king, I decided just to check-call, and he showed pocket treys for the set.

    Hard-Boiled Poker

  • I've seen too many times where I've raised with A-A-x-x when my x-x were either coordinated with my Aces, flush or straight possiblilities, etc. and then when I whiff the flop, there are still 4 folks in the hand waiting to check-call my continuation bet.


  • Had you decided to check-call the flop and turn, you'd only have to make a guess on the river.


  • The typical betting pattern for a player holding a set is to check-call on the flop and then check-raise the turn.

    Poker Player Newspaper Online


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