from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A cake filled with a jelly made of soft curds, sugar, butter, eggs, etc.
  • n. A small cake made in various ways and with a variety of ingredients: as, lemon cheese-cake, orange cheese-cake, apple cheese-cake, etc.
  • n. plural A name with children for the immature fruit of the common mallow, Malva rotundifolia and M. sylvestris, on account of its shape. Also cheeses.


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  • Custards that are freestanding need a little more structure, which is provided by egg white, so dishes such as quiche, crme caramel, and cheese-cake usually include whole eggs.


  • Thanks for the good wishes folks! as you can see, I've already started feasting: glad you'll liked the cheese-cake recipe!

    No-Bake Mini CheeseCake - Orange & Pistachio

  • That Bless the U.S.A. debacle took the cheese-cake.

    AMERICAN IDOL Recap: Songs From the Year I Was Born or Songs and Performances that Just Bored | the TV addict

  • No stop was made at the cheese-cake inn, and the coach took the road through the valley of Montmorency.

    A Start in Life

  • In reply to her sarcastic inquiry, he artlessly owned he should like another cheese-cake, and good-natured Theo, laughing, said she had a sixpence, and if the cake-shop were open of a Sunday morning Charley should have one.

    The Virginians

  • At this time of year we have a new Concord grape dessert with a cheese-cake soufflé.

    Eat! It's Tubby Town

  • Alice took a cheese-cake and sat down on a lidded basket.

    Growing Pains

  • He set up that cheese-cake photo with Mona in the background—

    Sins of Two Fathers

  • 'You just run along and tell Worldic that their promotion ideas are fifty years out of date, if they think cheese-cake will sell twenty-rand seats.'


  • It was very entertaining to me to see them dividing their speculations between jellies and stars, and making a sudden transition from the sun to an apricot, or upon the Coperni - can system to the figure of a cheese-cake.



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