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  • The chess-playing protagonist, Stirf Ritter-Rebil (a play on the author's full name, Fritz Reuter Leiber), believes that the watch will make him a better chess player as it has absorbed the thoughts of its previous owners.

    REVIEW: Fritz Leiber: Selected Stories edited by Charles N. Brown and Jonathan Strahan

  • Shannon seemed to enjoy himself most when showing off his collection of games and gadgets, including a juggling W.C. Fields robot, a maze navigated by a mechanical mouse and seven chess-playing machines.

    Little Bits Go a Long Way

  • Coupled with a love of old films, the idea stretched to fit in the sewer sequence from The Third Man, a gag about The Turk (the chess-playing automaton controlled by a hidden grand master) and some strange concoction of Hartlepool monkey-hanging and The Island Of Dr. Moreau – it turns out that the monkey could talk, but because it was speaking in an African dialect …

    Even Being Overworked Is No Excuse For A Lack Of Inspiration « The Graveyard

  • As part of Mr. Marchionne's chess-playing, the second-generation Chrysler 300—a full-size, rear- or all-wheel-drive, V6- or V8-powered sedan, an American Gothic like Grant Wood never painted—is being rebadged as a Lancia Thema and sold in Europe as an executive saloon.

    Chrysler's Global Melange Yields True Luxury

  • "Profoundly insightful chess-playing draws intrinsically on central facets of the human condition," he wrote, and a computer's "mere brute force" would never allow it to play at the highest level.

    More Than Machine

  • Obama is the 11-dimensional chess-playing genius who also elected with a very strong mandate all across the country.

    Some frustrated thoughts on bipartisanship

  • Still and all, there's no denying the obvious: Neither Watson nor its chess-playing predecessors really think.

    Seth Shostak: Today Jeopardy, Tomorrow the World

  • Collaborating with other pioneers of early computing, Mr. McCarthy worked on one of the first chess-playing programs with British researcher Alan Turing and edited an early volume of papers on artificial intelligence with Claude Shannon, the father of information theory.

    Computer Scientist Coined 'Artificial Intelligence'

  • In 2005, the online chess-playing site Playchess. com hosted what it called a "freestyle" chess tournament in which anyone could compete in teams with other players or computers.

    Garry Kasparov On 'Chess Metaphors': The Chess Master And The Computer

  • Neither the Jeopardy-playing computer nor the chess-playing one has any sense of how a soccer ball bounces.

    Google Translate Tangles With Computer Learning


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