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  • noun Scotland, slang A knife or other stabbing implement, often an improvised weapon rather than one designed for the purpose. Sometimes used towards other non-projectile weapons.
  • verb Scotland, slang To stab.


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From Romani chiv, chive.


  • Some of the words are ones you'd expect to have been in for a long time -- wasn't chav already in? and chib, diddy, doobrey, DVD, FYI, irie, nadger, Tripitaka?

    OED words added

  • Maybe vhen vhe come about und head up into der vindt vhe get oop der tops'ls und put oop uuder vun chib.

    Boy Scouts in the North Sea The Mystery of a Sub

  • "Tol yer chib, or I'll heat the bones of you with the fires of Bongo Tem," she screamed furiously, and in a mixture of her mother-tongue and English.

    Red Money

  • Roma language, oifficially Romani chib, consists of several dialects, such as the Vlax Romani spoken by an estimated 1.5 million people, followed by Balkan, Carpathian and Sinti dialects spoken by several hundred thousand people each.

    IPS Inter Press Service

  • Analyses of Romani chib have shown that it is closely related to languages spoken in central and northern India.

    IPS Inter Press Service

  • Resolution: 480×640 miro-kaisou that I'd submit a colored picture of this guy (his name's larkspur) so that she can color the cutest chib that she drew meeeee; A;

    Popular in the last 8 hours

  • In the M&yeri de Pdrvemrt the company are supposed to be constantly at table, and to form a sort of Eoerkisting chib.

    Illustrations of Sterne: With Other Essays and Verses

  • Laiornelot gave an account of - the reaions which induced theoomttk - tee of general fafety to rcfelvc upcm the fufpenfioa of the 'jacobm chib.

    The New Annual Register, Or General Repository of History, Politics, and ...


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