from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A minute, almost microscopic mite, Cytoleichus (formerly Cytodites) nudus, of the family Cytoleichidæ, which infests the air-passages and air-cells, and other portions of the domestic fowl. It is called the internal chicken-mite.
  • n. A similar mite of the same family, Lamniosioptes cysticola, which occurs on the skin, but commonly penetrates also the subcutaneous connective tissues, where it gives rise to a calcareous cyst. It infests chickens, geese, and pheasants, and is called the cystic fowl-mite.
  • n. The itch-mite of fowls, Sarcoptes (Cnemidocoptes) mutans and gallinæ, serious enemies of domestic fowls.
  • n. Same as chicken-tick, 1.


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