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  • adj. Resembling a chicken or its meat.


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chicken +‎ -y


  • The texture was equally good in both, but the latter had a very overpowering "chickeny" taste, and not in a good way!


  • But why is it that Mexican chickens taste so "chickeny"?

    turkey time

  • A broiler, at seven weeks, will still have a quite mild and delicate flavor; a roaster, on the other hand, is usually about five weeks older than a broiler and it will have a much more pronounced "chickeny" flavor.

    The Perdue Chicken Cookbook

  • You may just be rewarded by the most succulent and 'chickeny' bird you have ever tasted - Articles related to Recipe: Chocolate orange fondant puddings

  • "We always have to be careful to not always offer cheesy, chickeny things and pastay things," because such dishes might push away customers with more advanced palates, says John Caron , president of Olive Garden, known for its unlimited salad and breadsticks.

    Waiter, I'll Have the Crowd-Pleaser

  • The act of frying latkes will create odors that will linger in your kitchen for several days, and even with the best ventilation will require that your entire house get aired out in order to completely rid your home of the powerful chickeny/potatoey/oniony odor.

    December « 2008 « Off The Broiler

  • In fact, the contemporary culinary world increasingly equates better animal treatment with better flavor; a free-range chicken simply tastes more chickeny than one of those big, bland supermarket roasters.

    The Foie Gras Wars

  • Sending out fingerprint kits, meeting another blogger for a cream tea, making chickeny lemony risotto.

    today I am mostly...

  • The bread, which is soft and full of chickeny juices on the bottom and crisp and crackly no top, the deep flavor of caramelized onions, the fleck of sumac, the tender meat.

    Archive 2009-10-01

  • Everything in France tastes louder: the milk, creamier; the coffee, richer; the chicken, so much more “chickeny” kind of like when Julia Child had her first meal in France, sole meunière “a morsel of perfection” and was bowled over by the fact that it tasted so much more like itself.

    paris + a deep, dark salted butter caramel sauce | smitten kitchen


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