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  • adj. Afflicted with a chilblain.

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  • adj. having chilblains


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  • Standing, barefooted in the dew-lush grass of spring on the Minnesota farm, chilblained when of frosty mornings I fed the cattle in their breath-steaming stalls, sobered to fear and awe of the splendor and terror of God when I sat of Sundays under the rant and preachment of the New Jerusalem and the agonies of hell-fire.

    Chapter 6

  • His hands turned red and chilblained from the water into which the potatoes dropped.

    Son of a Witch

  • Today he could not imagine such heat; he knew by the time they reached Branton, his fingers and toes would be chilblained.

    The Falcons of Montabard

  • From the same cause, the captain himself and several of his people had their fingers and toes chilblained.

    Narrative of the Voyages Round The World, Performed by Captain James Cook

  • Her burning throat was raw from hurling Christmas carols out against the keening wind in an effort to tempt passersby to purchase the rolls of music clutched in her chilblained fingers.


  • The inevitable coughs and colds of winter, the chilblained hands and heels, kept him busy replenishing the medicine cupboard in the infirmary, and thanks to the necessary brazier his timber workshop was somewhat warmer to work in than the carrels of the scriptorium.

    The Confession of Brother Haluin

  • It's one of those stuffy phrases coined by the bureaucrats upstairs, hunched at their desks with a drip on their nose and frayed cuffs and patched elbows, their chilblained feet squeezed into their cracked patent-leather shoes and a mug of cold tea beside them as they scratch the epitaph across the file in longhand, like vultures picking at the bones of a dead mission.


  • He turned the page of the newspaper, the man opposite me at the table, his lips moving again as his chilblained finger stopped at a line of print.


  • He had a length of heavy blue cloth across the saddle before him and was smoothing it lovingly with one chilblained hand.

    Ride Proud, Rebel!

  • She had felt the cruel blasts of the winter winds upon her chilblained feet, for she had never known the luxury of shoes.

    Tess of the Storm Country


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