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  • adv. In a chilling manner.

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  • In a chilling manner; coldly.


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chilling +‎ -ly


  • Most chillingly is one of the members of the group, Jutson Alvarado, brings up the recent stabbing of another transgender person in the streets of Tarapoto and seems in approval of that attack.

    News cameras capture beating, undressing and humiliation of trans street worker

  • One such lawmaker, Rep. Ileana Ross-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), later recalled chillingly that the person the Pentagon sent personally to brief her on the BTTR shootdown was none other than the queen of spies herself - Ana Belen Montes.


  • But in the introduction to her translation, she chillingly records being trapped by the SA at a beer hall speech of Hitler's and observes that fundamental human decency

    Lev Raphael: Did You Ever See Hitler?

  • But once you see it, those quick shifts in the tide of battle become chillingly vivid.

    Refighting the Battle of Gettysburg

  • The sets, imported from Glyndebourne opera, are chillingly spare: A huge set of French doors cants and spins on a hoist above the stage, gigantic dead branches descend and ascend, and a merry-go-round of furniture and gravesites appear and disappear.

    Marc Porter Zasada: Opera: Brilliant Turn of the Screw Ends L.A. Season

  • "Downfall," a 2004 German movie, featured a lead performance by Swiss actor Bruno Ganz as Hitler that historian Mr. Kershaw called "chillingly authentic."

    Germany Mounts Hitler Exhibit, a First

  • This is made chillingly clear when a glance at the nearly 400,000 military files proves that the Iranian regime meddles extensively in Iraqi affairs to the point of controlling the government and using death squads to unleash a wave of terror and crimes throughout the country.

    Ali Safavi: WikiLeaks Disclosures and the Historic Opportunity on Iran

  • The incident was reportedly caught on video surveillance footage, which chillingly chronicled the different phases of the attack.

    Navi Pillay: Let's Fight Racism!

  • Another knockout is the chillingly well-made documentary "The Imposter," about Frédéric Bourdin, a French con-artist who posed as a missing child and was welcomed into the child's family home in Texas.

    Scrounging for Swedish Fish at Sundance

  • They'll do so not only for the white guilt it addresses, and deftly mitigates, but for the plot's entertaining contrivances chief among them a climax of cyclonic uplift, the bonds of love between whites and blacks and a cast of outsize characters that includes Bryce Dallas Howard's chillingly bigoted Hilly, smiling incessantly and focused on preserving white purity with ever more black-only toilets; and Jessica Chastain's desperate, white-trashy Celia.

    'The Help': '60s Racism in Black and White


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