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  • n. Plural form of chimera.


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  • But if overcoming the psychological barrier of eating chimeras is going to take some time, they can be used to decorate your garden in the meantime.

    Small Food Nation

  • And scientists would also have to find a way to create eggs without creating human chimeras, which is ethically contentious.

    Researchers Create Mice From Two Fathers

  • When the mouse babies were born, they had cells from both the blastocyst and from Dad A — so-called chimeras, which are creatures composed of at least two genetically distinct types of cells.

    Researchers Create Mice From Two Fathers

  • Chromosomal translocations can create new genes called chimeras by fusing two genes formerly located on two different chromosomes—the “head” of chromosome nine, say, fused with the “tail” of a gene in chromosome thirteen.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • Our chimeras are the things which the most resemble us.

    Les Miserables, Volume III, Marius

  • The UGA scientists have grown 34 pigs from embryos using the technique - so-called chimeras, because their cells contain more than one set of DNA.

    The Augusta Chronicle

  • Second, it limits the creation of new embryos in Georgia for destructive, scientific purposes, such as human cloning and human-animal hybrids (called chimeras).


  • It’s no use arguing, as supporters of this Bill so disingenuously do, that people have got the wrong end of the stick because the wicked tabloids have told them that this last provision will create monstrous chimeras, which isn’t true because they will be destroyed while they are still mere days-old bundles of cells.

    Dr Williams gets it right

  • To study this hypothesis, Heng worked under the supervision of faculty mentor Charles Limb of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to synthesize 150 different musical "chimeras," instrumental hybrids that combine the acoustic fine structure and envelope of distinct instruments, such as a piano or violin.


  • Strictly speaking, such plants are chimeras as they are composed of two or more genetically distinct tissues and are indeed often referred to as "chimeras"

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles


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