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  • n. Plural form of chimp.


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  • But one thing we know about chimps is that they don't fell trees with axes.

    Bunny and a Book

  • There is more variation between any two chimps from the same family group, than there is between any two humans anywhere on the face of the globe.

    Hug somebody today, okay?

  • The 1.5 – 2% difference between humans and chimps is still a valid number so long as you point out what it's in reference to (alignable nucleotides, ignoring indels).

    A Dubious "Opportunity" for IDers

  • Since all of you people on the more rational end of ID agree that the evidence for the common ancestry of humans and chimps is overwhelming, you have to agree that there is no scientific reasoning behind this result, rather it is probably Biblical literalism.

    And Now For The Rest of the Story

  • Finding out "how to eat lunch with someone without looking like you were raised by chimps" is nigh impossible.

    The Formal Home

  • I agree, eating chimps is short-termist and ultimately self-defeating.

    Primates in the News

  • Even dim Duhbya supports poetry, when the chimps are at the vet.

    mjh's blog — 2008 — July

  • Captive chimps can be taught to use sign language, and they have been shown to engage in deliberate deceit, which is to say, chimps know how to lie.

    Beginner’s Grace

  • He argues that the chimps are a lot more sophisticated in their medicine than instinct-driven woolly bears.

    Parasite Rex

  • You might call chimps clumsy when it comes to manipulating tools.

    One of the (many) things that drive me bats - The Panda's Thumb


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