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  • noun Plural form of chipboard.


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  • There was a light scaffold being erected, creating what looked like a platform, even a stage, plus more chipboards, perhaps for concession stands.

    Not the End of the World

  • The cutting of panels shall be practised on chipboards, fibreboards and plies.

    Chapter 6

  • For the fastening of chipboards, countersunk-head screws or round head screws with the thread extending over the entire length of the cylindrical shank are used.

    2. Tools and Fasteners/Joining Elements for Nailing and Screwing

  • Among those belongings was an amazing collection of retro gaming hardware, once a glittering array of the medium's past, now a worthless pile of mud-soaked plastic and chipboards and rare Nintendo hanafuda cards.


  • And those are some of the chipboards for the ChipArt


  • This allows ABT - FIXXIT to economically replace the paste-glues (for instance, for gluing on chipboards and wood-fibre boards); ABT - FIXXIT is not only used for traditional adhesive cements and paste-glues, but admits of numerous solutions for which these products do not offer any answers.

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  • My ribbon organizer is black and white, so I painted my chipboards black, and stamped solid images using white ink.


  • Use pore filler pulpy mixture consisting of 40 ... 50 % binder (of drying oils or SH, UP or PUR lacquers) and 50 ... 60 % pore filler powder (heavy spar powder, gypsum, kaolin, quartz powder and others) as well as dyestuffs for coarse-pored timbers with subsequent lacquer coating; rubbing in of the pore filler by hand with rolls of cloth, after drying removal of the excess filler with a soft, spirit-impregnated cloth putty binder as described for pore filler plus fillers and dyestuffs, if required for smoothing surfaces (e.g. raw chipboards), which afterwards are to be coated with coloured varnishes; only seldom applied by hand with putty knife, mostly with special machines; filled surfaces are to be ground after drying

    12. Surface Treatment of Wood

  • · not suitable for sawing of wood across the grain and of chipboards.

    2. The Basic Construction of Sawing Tools

  • "Bagasse which is a residual product from cane milling is raw material for briquettes, charcoal, chipboards, paper, mulch, concrete and most importantly, power generation

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