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  • verb Present participle of chitter.


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  • I read the whole thing waiting for the turn, when it would be revealed that the Morlocks were the only things keeping the Eloi safe from predators, that their "chittering" was speech, and that they had become the keepers of society and culture.

    What is Fanfiction?

  • It reappeared within minutes to make an even more spectacular flight from roof tiles to tree, chittering crossly at an intrusive blackbird as it scampered up the trunk.

    Country diary: Ariège, Pyrenees

  • The two aliens poked at their banks of electronics, chittering over a film one of the machines spit out.

    365 tomorrows » 2010 » May : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • Blast, I fell victim to the platypus ... now my echidna is all chittering in the corner about bread on the table, crumbs in the pantry and freelance websites.

    "You will choke, choke on the air you try to breathe..."

  • The reading on the screen caused a great amount of chittering.

    A Simple Misunderstanding

  • While I am not the biggest One Piece fan in the world (read: hate it with the passion of a thousand chittering gerbils), I really do like the concept of the knife test.

    Author Toolbox: The Knife Test «

  • We heard the trembling sufferers and the nervous chittering and we knew where the young runners and hikers had gone, and how they were being prepared for enjoinment to create the outsized six-legged combatants we'd seen ridden into the hills.


  • On my right the stonechats bounce and bob on the breeze from outcrop to lancet outcrop of slate, chittering as they fly.

    Country diary

  •  You will hear alien flying blue monkeys chittering insanely in the briney deep void of your sex,  where only the colors out of space survive, and it will all come clear to you in a blinding flood of semantic light.

    Whole Day Off

  • It's obvious that BP wasn't ready for a blowout and had, as its backup plan, prayer, supplemented by hands over eyes and nee-nee-nee-nee chittering in hopes of reality-blocking.

    Oil spill: What success looks like


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