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  • Pertaining or relating to chivalry; characterized by chivalry; chivalrous.


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  • “You make me feel like one of those old knights,” he said, “who rode about the country looking for dragons and beautiful maidens and chivalresque adventures.”

    The History of Mr. Polly

  • Brazil presents none of those splendid and chivalresque pictures that the chronicles of the Corteses, and Pizarros, and Almagros furnish.

    Journal of a Voyage to Brazil And Residence There During Part of the Years 1821, 1822, 1823

  • Three years later, Cervantes's book was published, and it instantly accomplished what all previous agitation had failed to achieve, for after its appearance no new chivalresque romance was issued, and the reprinting of the old ones practically ceased.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 3: Brownson-Clairvaux

  • "You make me feel like one of those old knights," he said, "who rode about the country looking for dragons and beautiful maidens and chivalresque adventures."

    The History of Mr. Polly

  • This we learn from the recital of his history, but also from the bright, incisive, militant, chivalresque music associated with him: --

    A Book of Operas Their Histories, Their Plots, and Their Music

  • By character and aims he belonged to a time that had passed away; but failure and mishap could not shake his faith in his ideal, and made no change in his honest, stubborn nature, which was as loyal and chivalresque as that of the ill-fated Knight of La Mancha.


  • Madame de Stael, who knew perhaps as much of England as she did of Germany, tells us that its chief character is the _chivalresque_; and, excepting only Scott, who, by the way, is _not_ English, I did not find one chivalrous poet among you.

    The Pilgrims of the Rhine

  • _Ferdinand and Isabella_, which, with all its chivalresque interest, I do like very much.

    The Life and Letters of Maria Edgeworth, Volume 2

  • Wellington might almost have seemed an exaggerated panegyric if it had painted some warrior in a chivalresque romance ....

    The Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay — Volume 3

  • From earliest boyhood, when, on the banks of the Hudson, I first pored over the pages of old Gines Perez de Hytas’s apocryphal but chivalresque history of the civil wars of Granada, and the feuds of its gallant cavaliers, the Zegries and Abencerrages, that city has ever been a subject of my waking dreams, and often have I trod in fancy the romantic halls of the Alhambra.

    The Alhambra


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