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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A colorless crystalline compound, C8Cl4N2,used as a fungicide on a variety of vegetable crops, peanuts, lawns, and turfs and as a preservative in paints and adhesives.

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  • n. A broad-spectrum nonsystemic fungicide.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

chloro- + (ph)thal(ic) + n(itr)il(e).


  • The most effective have the common name chlorothalonil which will be on the label.

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  • Along with Save the Frogs, it features a rogue's gallery of alleged poisons: atrazine, Roundup, chlorothalonil.

    Jon Entine: Frog Day Afternoon: Choose Science Over Politics to Conserve the Endangered Amphibian Population

  • Three fungicides -- chlorothalonil; mancozeb; and for organic growers, fixed copper fungicides -- are labeled for late blight and will provide fair control.

    Beware of late blight, and report damage

  • Organic gardeners can use fixed copper fungicides, but they are not considered as effective against late blight as chlorothalonil. - News

  • Conventional gardeners can use Bonide Fung-onil, Ortho Garden Disease Control, and other chlorothalonil products labeled to control late blight on tomatoes and potatoes. - News

  • Fungicides that contain chlorothalonil or mancozeb can be used to control leaf spot diseases.

    The Daily News - News

  • • Before symptoms appear, spray with fungicide containing chlorothalonil.

    The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA Homepage

  • Cherokee (chlorothalonil + cyproconazole + propioconazole) over the majority of the wheat as yellow rust is the biggest threat due to our large acreage of Oakley.

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  • Another type of fungal disease that can affect Zinnias is botrytis, which may also be cured with neem oil, potassium bicarbonate, or chlorothalonil

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  • The infection can be seen as white formations across the leaves, and can be treated with fungicides with chlorothalonil or sulfur-based sprays applied very two weeks.

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