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  • noun chemistry A compound with the chemical formula C8H9ClO, commonly used in antibacterial soaps and toxic to fish.


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chloro- +‎ xylenol


  • An efficient but expensive product which can be used as an antiseptic (0.25% chloroxylenol solution) and disinfectant (see "soapy solution of cresol").

    Chapter 5

  • - Lyorthol (R), sodium cresylol, Cresyl (R), Creolin (R), chloroxylenol 5%, Dettol (R), are similar products used for the same purposes and diluted in the same way, but Dettol (R) can also be used for skin, wounds and mucous membranes.

    Chapter 4

  • Remove or destroy 2-6 minutes Before donning sterile surgeon's chlorhexidine, iodine and iodophors. transient microorganisms gloves for surgical procedures. tt chloroxylenol [PCMX], triclosan) and reduce resident flora Follow manufacturer (persistent effect) instructions for Water and non-antimicrobial soap (e.g., surgical hand-scrub plain soap¶) followed by an alcohol-based product with surgical hand-scrub product with persistent activity±** persistent activity

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  • Remove or destroy 15 seconds* touching of inanimate objects likely to chlorhexidine, iodine and iodophors, transient microorganisms be contaminated by blood or saliva. chloroxylenol [PCMX], triclosan) and reduce resident flora Before leaving the dental operatory or the dental laboratory.

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