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  • verb Present participle of choak.


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  • Choose sitting on that Bantha-hide chair and watching mind-numbing, chain choaking slave girls, stuffing fucking slimy worms into your mouth. May 2002 Archives

  • "choaking" a fuze, which, he said, burnt as well in water as in any other element.

    Artillery Through the Ages A Short Illustrated History of Cannon, Emphasizing Types Used in America

  • The others will continue to value profit over the public good until they all die fron the same choaking air that we breath or we pass some knid of legislation that requires corporations to be good citizens or loose their ability to do business.

    Think Progress » New Ads Funded by Big Oil Portray Global Warming Science as Smear Campaign Against Carbon Dioxide

  • It made horrible rasping and choaking noises and then was silent.

    Archive 2006-01-01

  • It made horrible rasping and choaking noises and then was silent.

    Bloody Eid

  • In one hour, I reached Oellaky having passed, close to it, a broad canal: similar canals are met with in almost every part of Nubia, where the extent of the shore, and its height above the level of the river, rendered artificial irrigation necessary; but they are now no longer taken care of, and are gradually choaking up.

    Travels in Nubia

  • Sicily often take in ballast at that island, consisting of sand, mixed perhaps with some earth, which, when they arrive here, they are obliged to carry to a particular part of the harbour, to prevent its being thrown overboard and choaking the anchorage.

    Travels in Nubia

  • That danger of surfetting or choaking was neuer heard tell of, in our fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers or any of our predecessours dayes, be they neuer so ancient. 15

    A briefe commentarie of Island, by Arngrimus Ionas

  • I passed through the gap of the broken paling — I felt, while I disdained, the choaking tears — I rushed into the depths of the forest.

    The Last Man

  • The very heart and soul of Raymond and Perdita had mingled, even as two mountain brooks that join in their descent, and murmuring and sparkling flow over shining pebbles, beside starry flowers; but let one desert its primal course, or be dammed up by choaking obstruction, and the other shrinks in its altered banks.

    The Last Man


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