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  • noun Plural form of choking.


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  • Headlines: "Wrigley's gum chewing experiment canceled after rash of chokings at local school."

    "Gum may be good for body, mind."

  • It was a blood-curdling voice, a sound between the mewing of a cat and the wheezy chokings of a hyena.

    A Distinguished Provincial at Paris

  • After all, while country music is awash with a blizzard of shootings and chokings and alcoholism and battery and denials of homosexuality and child-molesting, what's hip-hop got left to offer?

    Kanye West Gets Engaged To Someone Nobody Knows

  • Putting the latter on her head and the former on the table, the old woman, after telling Oliver that she had come to sit up with him, drew her chair close to the fire and went off into a series of short naps, chequered at frequent intervals with sundry tumblings forward, and divers moans and chokings.

    Oliver Twist

  • As my chokings had persisted long after any congestion remained that could account for them, my parents asked for a consultation with Professor Cottard.

    Within a Budding Grove

  • He clawed at the jutting shaft, gobblings turning into chokings as the blood welled up in his throat, then fell backward to kick briefly before life departed.

    Conan and The Mists of Door

  • Isabel rang her up during the morning -- a trunk call -- with the brave intention of expressing firm and unshakable optimism but the effort was pathetically tremulous and finally petered out with inarticulate sobs and chokings.

    Men of Affairs

  • When his breath returned, it was with chokings and gaspings, in the midst of which he hissed out his words, as if their mere passage through his throat brought him near to strangulation.

    The Beetle

  • She saw his eyes grow round and big and horrified; saw his mouth open and refuse to close; heard strange little gurgles and chokings.

    Dennison Grant: a Novel of To-day

  • Approaching the bed on 'all-fours,' it leapt on its victim, the tragedy being accompanied this time by the most realistic chokings and gurgles, to all of which Tristram was obliged to listen in an agony of doubt and terror.

    Animal Ghosts Or, Animal Hauntings and the Hereafter


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