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  • n. A meat stew traditionally served on the Sabbath by Ashkenazi Jews


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Yiddish טשאָלנט (tshol'·nt)


  • Chris was watching Myra, who had stopped shoveling in cholent and was staring down into her bowl.


  • I thought cholent was just the Yiddish word for “leftovers.”

    I think we’re all Karaites on this bus | Jewschool

  • Another widely held origin for the word "cholent" is that it came frum "Shule endte" -- synagogue is over, which is when the cholent was served.


  • People of most other cultures would not have conceived of a dish such as cholent, because, like my family, they are free to cook seven days a week.


  • The only recipe I'm thinking about now is a vegetarian cholent with butter beans, barley and onion in vegetable stock, topped with sliced potato.

    Making Light: Open thread 135

  • The Germans and Czechs who arrived in west Texas in droves in the eighteenth century operated the meat shops, built smokers for their sausages and hams, and likely made the short leap from long, slow simmering (as in sauerbraten or cholent) to long, slow smoking (as in Texas brisket).

    One Big Table

  • Sima had been cooking cholent all day, which Myra could never get enough of.


  • A friend of mine in Israel used to argue that the country had no original ethnic cuisine beyond the infamous soy schwarma served in the college dorms, that most of the dishes we enjoyed, from Sabbath cholent to stuffed felafels, were carried over from European ancestors or borrowed from Arab residents and neighbors.

    Israeli salad in California

  • I never went to Shula and E's, though I hear they did decent malawach and cholent, but maybe there's just not as much demand for gritty/ma-and-pa/characterless kosher spots on Fairfax anymore?

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • But what's more upsetting is that American Jews question his visceral understanding of the Jewish experience in America, a cholent of Jewish anxiety, Jewish ambiguity, Jewish self-examination.

    Adam Hanft: Barack Obama - The First Jewish Presidential Nominee


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