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  • noun medicine A genetic disorder characterized by short-limbed dwarfism


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chondro- +‎ dysplasia


  • There are still a variety of other concerns like back and spinal diseases known as chondrodysplasia, skin allergies, and cysts. New Blogs and RSS Feeds

  • Diastrophic dysplasia and atelosteogenesis II: different manifestations of a common chondrodysplasia?

    Prenatal Diagnosis

  • Our grandson, Trevor, was born with a very rare disease called rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata.

    CNN Transcript Aug 6, 2001

  • The third positive control locus was canine chondrodysplasia, a dominant trait that is alleleic between many different dog breeds

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  • Additional SNP genotyping in affected and unaffected dogs identified a region of overlap in homozygosity between affected breeds of 31 Kb. To demonstrate the power of across breed mapping, three positive control traits, hyperuricosuria, white spotting and chondrodysplasia, were selected for genome wide association analysis.

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  • Aplasia cutis is recognized as occurring with increased frequency among survivors of twin pairs, and chondrodysplasia punctata has been reported as relating to maternal lupus. - medical news plus CME for physicians

  • There was one case of aplasia cutis congenita in the surviving member of a twin pair, and another of multiple malformations including cleft palate and chondrodysplasia punctata born to a mother being treated for systemic lupus erythematosus. - medical news plus CME for physicians

  • This is illustrated by canine chondrodysplasia and hyperuricosuria where only single SNPs on this array had significant association with the phenotype.

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  • Recently, a large scale multibreed association analysis using 797 dogs from 72 breeds was used to define the likely mutation causing chondrodysplasia in dogs

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  • VonHoldt BM, Quignon P, Margulies EH, Shao S, et al. (2009) An expressed fgf4 retrogene is associated with breed-defining chondrodysplasia in domestic dogs.

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