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  • Of or pertaining to chorology; specifically, zoögeographical and phytogeographical; pertaining to the geographical distribution of animals and plants; faunal and floral.


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  • It tried to structure the content by chorological order.

    Archive 2007-04-01

  • The forest vegetation of Mt. Mulanje (Malawi): a floristic and chorological study along an altitudinal gradient (650-1950 m).

    South Malawi montane forest-grassland mosaic

  • The original song the commercial was taken from includes a line about washing 44 pairs of socks — numerically right on target for both her age and the chorological number for the next president.

    Sarah-Her February 2007 Netroot VP Draft, the Barbie Action Figure, and The Two Dozen Movies You've Seen Her In

  • Initially, my editors fought my plan to have the book going back in time (history books are always in chorological order) but I wanted my book to unfold as a mystery with the solution appearing at the end.

    My Search for The First Snowman

  • But there are a number of circumstances (especially chorological facts) which suggest that the primeval home of man was a continent now sunk below the surface of the Indian Ocean, which extended along the south of Asia, as it is at present (and probably in direct connection with it), towards the east, as far as Further India and the Sunda Islands; towards the west, as far as Madagascar and the south-eastern shores of Africa.

    The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria

  • Wallace, solely on the ground of his accurate chorological observations, has been able in the most accurate manner to determine the position of this former strait, the south end of which passes between Balij and Lombok.

    The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria

  • The students had had field experience — let them now gain experience in working up material for publication and, in particular, in seeing in a ramified chronological and chorological framework the objects which they had helped excavate.

    Preliminary Report on the 1937 Excavations, Bc 50-51, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, with Some Distributional Analyses

  • They don't know that the surahs/chapters of the Quran are not arranged in chorological order in regard to the timing in which they were written.


  • It's important to realise that career progression is not done in chorological order like



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