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  • Carol Parker: yes, they have the swimming with dolphins package. but that's not in open sea. somewhere in christchurch they have it. eMz: i was jealous of your chocolate buffet: p

    I'm too hot for Auckland

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  • SOME monies so rissa can go make herself happy. i need summery clothes, plus addie poo and rissa are goin to christchurch next week and yush. i like shopping very much hehe. mmk well im off bcoz i just hada bright idea (oooh a first!) mmmk toodles xox navigate new old profile contact e-mail notes book thanks host design image

    xf0r3verx Diary Entry

  • Got sick: in christchurch and then i got horriblee worse wen i got back.

    xf0r3verx Diary Entry

  • Got invited to hamilton for christmas but I think i'll stay in the greater christchurch area this year.

    phelicity Diary Entry


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