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  • When we pass energy through the chroniton particles it generates chronotron radiation, and its temporal spectrum—

    Star Trek The Next Generation®

  • It was recommended that he have minimal exposure to chroniton radiation, but the union filed a grievance because that prevented him from working overtime.

    365 tomorrows » 2007 » October : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • Remote probing indicates that this distortion has caused an open-ended chroniton-well indenture.

    Darth Vader's Day Off

  • Starships using hyperspace travel in the Richie Maze region should adjust course headings by .682 towards galactic core, to prevent ship chronometers being affected by the chroniton well.

    Darth Vader's Day Off

  • This is so whether or not the science is real or imaginary: if you write a time travel paradox story, perhaps you need not explain how terrawatt lasers split apart quarks to release chroniton particle-waves, but you must have some explanation of what might happen if you strangle your grandfather at birth.

    Explain Me This

  • In most cases, anyon emitters will be deployed to negate the chroniton buildups.

    The Starfleet Survival Guide

  • These collect into strong, localized chroniton fields that should draw the attention of standard internal sensors.

    The Starfleet Survival Guide

  • Aggravating factors that can increase the size and severity of a quantum fissure include chroniton particles, anti-time anomalies and concentrated subspace field pulses.

    The Starfleet Survival Guide

  • Overloading a timephase-shifted phaser or disruptor to detonation will create a massive chroniton field and should draw a large response from personnel seeking to disperse it swiftly.

    The Starfleet Survival Guide

  • Fortunately, the effects of anyon particle exposure are cumulative, so as long as you continue to create chroniton fields and those fields are dispersed by anyon particles, you will slowly be shifted back toward normal phase.

    The Starfleet Survival Guide


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