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  • n. A time-traveller.


chrono- + -naut (Wiktionary)


  • SoY: You've been blogging over on chrononaut. org for several years.

    INTERVIEW: David Moles

  • When this patient asked why he abducted her, this chrononaut informed her that he was her great-great-great... grandson!

    Archive 2007-11-01

  • * David Moles* www. Chrononautic Log

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • Trust the chrononaut in me to notice how the speed of time changed depending wether I was focusing on my surroundings (slower) and when I am doing something or focusing on my thoughts


  • SFSignal: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Gregory Frost Talks About ‘The Comeuppance of Creegus Maxin’ i09: 3 Simple ways to become a chrononaut

    Nerd News Roundup-May 13 2010

  • SoY: You’ve been blogging over on for several years.

    Keeping an Eye On... David Moles


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